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Cinthia Rodriguez Navin, DNP, BECC Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health

Cinthia Rodriguez Navin, DNP, is a Public Health Nurse Supervisor for Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health and a co-lead of the Birth Equity Community Council (BECC), a network of partners committed to a collaborative process engaging individual, community, and system-level initiatives aimed at reducing birth inequities. Recently in partnership with community members and organizations,  she helped facilitated movement forward in the BECC Policy initiative focusing on systems-level policies around Doula reimbursement and access. Her life work is around challenging and dismantling inequitable paradigms. She is a staunch supporter of radical inclusivity and working from the margins through the “muddled middle”, as methods of moving racial equity and health equity work forward.  She has experience as a floor nurse in large urban hospitals, as a nursing instructor at a local community college, and now as a public health nurse and nursing supervisor in a local public health department. She holds a B.A. from Macalester College in Latin American Studies, Hispanic Studies, and has an Education minor. At Macalester she was a recipient of the Mellon Mays Fellowship, where her thesis focused on uplifting the voices of the women and families of the femicides of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She received her Master of Nursing from the University of Minnesota, focusing her thesis on Mindfulness-based stress reduction application in elementary school settings. She has earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Transcultural Nursing Leadership, from Augsburg University.  Lastly, but most importantly she is the proud mother of three highly talented children, who challenge her to think differently, and work to make a better future for generations to come.