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MNPQC In the Know July ’24 2nd Edition

OB Hypertension Sprint: Enhancing Prevention & Identification- Successful Completion & Ongoing Initiatives

We are excited to announce the successful completion of our first Hypertension Sprint, designed to tackle the multifaceted challenges surrounding Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (HDP). This sprint focused on promoting the safe and effective use of low-dose aspirin as a preventive measure and enhancing recognition through the implementation of Blue Bands. Our efforts aimed to address critical gaps in hypertension awareness, postpartum surveillance, and preventive measures to improve outcomes.

The Blue Band Project: A Milestone Achievement

One of the pivotal outcomes of this sprint was the Blue Band Initiative, which significantly improves the recognition of unique risks for individuals with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (such as eclampsia, severe hypertension, and stroke). The bands serve as a proactive measure to alert healthcare providers and facilitate prompt intervention and support. We are proud to announce that nine hospital teams will be implementing Blue Bands in their facilities, with MNPQC continuing to work with and support them through this implementation process. Facilities interested in adopting this initiative can reach out for assistance to ensure standardized and effective utilization across different settings.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming opportunities! If your facility is interested in joining the Blue Band Project or other future rollouts, please contact us for more information and support. Please reach out to