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January 2023

We want to thank each and every one of our amazing committee members who gave their time and energy to help MNPQC carry out our mission.

A special thanks to our MNPQC chairs who led the way:

  • Todd Stanhope-MNPQC Chair
  • Phillip Rauk-Former MNPQC Vice Chair
  • Rochelle Johnson-Data Chair
  • Mira Sheff-Data Vice Chair
  • Arielle Skalisky-Former PEC Chair
  • Ann Downey-Former PEC Chair
  • Adrienne Richardson-MOSTaRE Chair
  • Rachel Cooper-MOSTaRE Vice Chair
  • Bethany Sabol-Hypertension Co-Chair
  • Melissa Bray-Hypertension Co-Chair
  • Phillip Rauk-Hypertension Co-Chair

The work we do would not be achievable without all of you! Thank you for your continued support!

MOSTaRE Initiative
Is your hospital involved?

We need your help!

Please share with your patients who experienced Hypertension during their pregnancy.

We need your help!

Please share with your patients who participated in the Blue Band Project.

MNPQC’s Community Organization Resources

Visit the Resources Page on our new website to access the numerous Community Organizations and online resources. These resources aid birthing people and their babies, as well as healthcare professionals interested in improving perinatal health across Minnesota. If you don’t see your organization listed, or know of an organization or helpful resource that is missing, please contact us at to the community resource section.

To continue providing access to information, engagement, and collaboration among Minnesota Perinatal & Infant Providers – please send your resources, events, and information to to display on our website.

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