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Megan Cahill

Open Cities Health Center

My passion for maternal and child health began several years ago when working on a research project about the role of doulas in pregnancy care and birth outcomes. I caught on to the emerging news of the crisis in the Black community surrounding maternal and infant mortality and couldn’t stop at the end of that project. I applied and was accepted into the MPH program at St. Catherine University with the intention of finding out more about the crisis and how I can affect change to help turn the tide of these unnecessary deaths. I’ve contributed to research at the U of MN on smoking cessation in pregnant populations, worked for a local non-profit organization in the Somali community, and am currently working with Nubian Moms as a program coordinator.
I am activated by the inequity and injustice of our medical systems and plan on continuing to support
Black led efforts on the front lines of addressing the inherent racism and misogyny that keeps pregnant
people of color from experiencing the optimal health due to us all.